10 Hot Phone Accessories for Your Samsung Galaxy S6


With its feature-packed, powerful and sleek design, it’s no wonder why Samsung Galaxy S6 is now considered one of the best phones for 2015. One glance at the phone will have you saying all kinds of praises for a job well done in terms of the phone’s pretty appearance.

The phone’s appeal doesn’t stop with the design. Wait till you get your hands on the phone and try all its new and improved features. You’re in for a treat. Toss in a select choices of phone accessories into the picture and you’re sure to make the most out of your Galaxy S6. Here are some of the best accessories we’ve found available in the market:


While durable, you can never be too sure when it comes to protecting your Galaxy S6. One phone accessory you should never live without is a suitable and heavy-duty case. Currently a favorite among Android users is the Verus Thor Active Case.

Screen Protector

To make sure that your phone’s screen stays scratch-free and stain-free, you need the right screen protector. You need an option that’s durable enough to weather everyday abrasions. Two of the best options in the market are the Spigen’s Crystal HD Protector and the Kristall Liquid Screen Protector.


Wireless Charger

Because the Galaxy S6 can be charged wirelessly, you’d probably want a handy wireless charger with dock. You can never go wrong with the TyIt VU wireless charger which doubles as a stand for your phone. It is suitable for portrait or landscape use.

Car Charger

Let’s not forget about your car charger. If you’re always on the road and you need a handy charger, Samsung’s 2A micro USB car charger is an essential phone accessory to add to your collection.

Backup Battery

Samsung Galaxy S6 may boasts a powerful battery and even longer battery life but you’d still want some back-up especially if you’re going on a long trip. The IncipioOffgrid Portable Backup Battery is an excellent choice with 4,000 mAh capacity to fully charge your Galaxy S6’s battery.

Wireless Headphones

Like every other music lover, you’d want a high quality wireless headphone to use with your Galaxy S6. Priced to suit your budget without compromising seamless sound listening, the Sony Bluetooth Headphones does the job. It features a wireless capability so you never have to worry about tangles.


Enjoy a more accurate game, writing and drawing experience on your Galaxy S6 with the right stylus. Designed for accuracy, the Ventev’s Stylus Pro is a worthy investment. It’s lightweight, portable and perfect as a writing pen in addition to its stylus function.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Are you the type who constantly needs to type documents, ideas and other notes quickly? If you are, then you’d want to invest in the Zagg Pocket Bluetooth Keyboard. Foldable and portable, the handy keyboard will let you type with more ease on your Galaxy S6.

Flash Drive

Samsung Galaxy S6 already has a pretty generous storage space but if it isn’t enough for you then what you need is an external storage solution. You’ve got one with the SanDisk Ultra Flash Drive. You’ll add additional 64GB of extra storage space without the need to pair your USB OTG cable with an external storage accessory.


If Apple has the Apple Watch, Samsung also has a similar phone accessory in the Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch. The Smartwatch comes handy for tracking your fitness activities. In addition, the handy device also has a camera. Because it’s from Samsung, the mobile phone accessory is created perfectly sync with your Galaxy S6.

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