Should You Apply for a No Credit Check Mobile Phone?


It’s never easy to find a suitable phone deal when you have a poor credit rating to worry about. In most cases than not, your bad credit score will get in the way of your application’s approval. When this happens, you can try alternatives such as Pay As You Go or Sim only deals. But if it’s a phone contract you really want, you might want to check out no credit check mobile phones.

What are no credit check phones?

No credit checks phones are phone offers that do not require any credit check on customers. If you have a poor credit score, it doesn’t have to be a problem you should worry about. In fact, these phone offers are specifically available for customers like you.

No credit check phone deals also work like any typical phone contract. The first thing you need to do is pick a handset. While your credit score won’t affect your application’s approval, you handset selection will. This means your choices may be limited to cheaper and older phone models.

Once you’ve picked your handset, you’ll also need to choose a call, text and data plan. To make the most of the plan, you should pick one that is perfectly in sync with your needs.

What are the advantages of a no credit check phone?

Without the credit check to think about, it’s pretty obvious where the biggest advantage for no credit check phones lies. When other carriers may reject your application, providers that offer these deals mainly exist to cater to customers with bad credit scores. No matter your financial history, you can avail and get approved for a phone contract.


No credit check phones also guarantee ultra fast processing. To get ahead of the competition, many providers are advertising same-day approval deals. So long as you can provide proof of income, your application can be approved instantly or in a matter of hours. You will then receive your phone in 24 hours or less.

Another advantage with no credit check phones is the potential savings on your phone bills. This part can be tricky, however. To reap savings, you need to make sure your contract phone is tailored to your needs and budget.

What are the disadvantages of a no credit check phone?

Though widely available online, no credit checks can also be disadvantageous in a number of ways. For one, your handset choices will be limited. So as not to spike your monthly fee, your provider will keep the choices to older models at least in most cases.

Even with the cheap handsets, your monthly fee will still be more costly than if you have a good credit score. This is because most no credit check phone providers have higher related charges and fees added to your phone bill.

Like any typical phone contracts, you’ll also have to deal with a lengthy contract with no credit check phones. In general, you’ll have to handle a monthly fee for 24 months, which you should avoid missing paying at all cost unless you want to hurt your credit score some more.

Should you apply for one?

Considering its advantages, no credit check phones offer customers with bad credit an accessible option they can freely apply for without worrying about credit checks. On one hand, considering its disadvantages does not make a no credit check phone the best option for everyone. In fact, it might be best to consider this type of deal as a last resort. In any case, applying and researching online is convenient place for customers to start with.

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